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    World in 321

Friends and Allies

  Our fiends and allies, are still are friends and allies. These have shown there true friend ship. And stuck with us, even that we have shown some bad manners. Sent back gifts, made bad deal, and tried to slap some in the face.
  Only a true best friend stands by you, when your being stupid. If we try to pull away they watch over you waiting for you to come back to being your self.  They just need to wait just a little longer and you’ll see a fresh new US.

 World in 321
Icky isis

  Dealing with Icky isis, first we need to strip down them to their true core. First make no mistake they are very dangers. What makes them very dangers is that they play on our fears in our mind.     Our minds have a way of making anything seem worst than what it really is.
  First take away there main weapon fear, set aside the guns and bomb, and close the book on there ideology. What do you have lift? A bully mind you a very danger’s bully on the level of a tormentor, yet just a bully.
  How do you deal with bully, most are just scared and so they should be. If they fail to do as their told, and or  taught,  they face a type of shunning, beating, jail and or death. This dangerous ideology is not just something they decide to do one day. Its drilled into them from age seven. That the age when young boy leave more like taken from their mothers who raise them to that age. That when the farther or farther figure takes over the raising, training, teaching of his son.
  On the normal whole nothing wrong, most grow into fine men. It’s the one’s that get the death to Americans, death to Jews, death to Christians, and so on. This get handed more like hammered down from farther to son again and again. Tell you get ones standing up saying we go to stop them and strap on a bomb. The scary good side is that one can only do it once.
  Now how to deal with these bullies, as far as I can tell we done the normal deal with bullies, except one, but first lets take a quick look at what we’ve done.
Give them space so we can just go way around them. Hmm pull out of Iraq to soon
Bargain with them, hmmm five bad guy for one dumb one
Buy them off hmmm millions to billions sent
Try to be friend them, hmmm still hasn’t work yet
Just let them be to do their thing, hmmm mass graves being found
Being a good toady I mean friend, hmmm signing bad deals
Look more friendly, hmmm making our military smaller
When their victims  ask for help, hmmm we send in a hundred troop here and a hundred there to there ten of thousands

Now what have we not tried simply put standing up to them and in this case fighting them.  When all ales fail sometime you just have to, NO you must fight to stay alive. For they will take it from you with a smile on their face.

How to take down old nasty Icky, we need to treat this as any enemy that our military will face.
Know your enemy will got that covered
Have a starting point, any plan will last just a few moment in any battle, that way the President must just his General to go with the flow of battle.
The first half of a battle is getting there, we go the planes and ship
We have the man power,
Have several starting point ready,
First give the civilians a chance to flee the cities
Choose our battle fields carefully fight on our term never their’s
Set up defenses around each city control all point of entering and exiting
Use smaller drown to sweep and chick ahead, inside and outside of building before troop approach
Have heavy air support near each unit ready to assets, like four heavily armed helicopters, and circling near at least four fighter jets.
In this war and its war there not such thing as overkill just being extremely prepared, for they will fight to the very last man.  
Simple we need at least four to their every one, and increase as we need to.
Be prepared for any and all changes
This time when it is over we stay to help fix things back up and when their ready to stand on their own all will know.

World in 321
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