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 Seems like everyone idea on how to work with the boarder, immigration, and visa problem is the Onezy solution.Yyou can get a child into a onezy, now think of trying to get three small kids into one onezy, not way on earth, but they are trying. So the Onezy fit all on boarder, immigration and visa’s. forgets it's dealing with adults, now  it’s like watching three adult trying to put it one, lots of laughs and ends up tear apart the onezy. We must brake it down into its parts.

1. boarder  2.immigration  3. visa

First the boarder, having lived near the board for a few year I have a good idea on what’s going on.
Untie the hand of the Boarder Patrol
All other agencies that now work part of the boarder, you will turn that part back to the Boarder Patrol. If you can show need to stay you will be working with the Boarder Patrol. But they will be top dog.
 More boots on the ground, that on the boarder. More patrol station like every 100 miles.
Work with Mexico to help with the boarder. Maybe joint task forces.
Have camera, telephoto cameras, motion, night vision, electronic security and more drowns.
Improve the existing fence.
Set up a safe zone on  both side. On ours if you come across and stay on the road and cross back over no foul, but we will be watching.  Have a shorter barriers running along the oppitsit side, with motion detectors at the top any thing comes over it, out comes the drowns and the patrols. We got you.
For those who get caught we work with you to teach you how to do it right and safe.
To this work with Mexico to provide education on how to visit the US. And for the US how to Visit Mexico, or to travel to other countries. A great thing to know.

There is a silent cry for help all these kid making their way through Mexico to the US we need to step up and find whys to help those countries. To send off your beloved children in hope of finding a safe place just for them to live.

  When you travel to a different state, city or town do you become a resident once your there. No of course not, same goes if you travel to another county you don’t become a citizen after you get there. Will some are trying to make you think just that, if you travel to the US especially  if  you snuck in that you must be immigrating, and desire to be a citizen, a few maybe the rest are here looking for work and or safe place to live.
  If you have slipped in, a separate processing for you. We will not make those who are trying to come in legally have to wait for you clogging up the line. It will be on first in first served, the one at the head of the line gets served, then the next tell we get to you. We will take you on a case by case bases. See what we can do for you. But there is a time limit and then deportation. Not to worry if your on the list you will be seen. If you miss then its deportation. So don’t miss it.

Now if you have a good visa no worries you did it right and thank you for doing so. Those who are applying for one your place in line is secured. There will be a secant line and first come first served. As long as your on the list we will work with you. You did it right the first time when you came to work, education or visited the US and for this time period we will chuck it up to a opps.  We will work with you on a case by case bases. Lets get the visa mess clean up. Anyone who doesn’t take advantage will be deported, or do it right your getting a brake of a life time.

How we treat other here, will reflect on how we are treated in other country’s