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Pay your taxes and keep your money.

You start with a saving account, you put 10% of your pay in, the account acts like a trust fund no one can touch the balance tell your age 65 at that time the balance is your free and clear. As a bonus no more tax to be paid. How this works is the account builds interest over the year, at tax time it split 50% 50%, your half is your tax refund, the other half is your tax. No fees, no charges, no work the account still working for you.  If you need the money we will help you with a federal loan a one time interest fee, and you pay it back into the tax account. When you hit 65 the fed get only the part paid in for the loan.
All business, companies, factor, and or others who make money, basically the same, except the account stay with the business. If sold half will go to the owners evenly odd change back with the business, if the business goes out of business the account is split up evenly with all owners. If the money’s needed same deal a federal loan with a one time interest added, paid back into the tax account, tell its fully paid off, then it remains as part of the account to help the business. If sold or ends the fed gets it loan money back.

Jobs AKA Employment, need to be work on from at least three sides:
1. New small business, a federal loan with a working number of $100,000 with a one time interest add, to be paid back into the tax saving account. Help will be provided to set, run, budget, the business if more funds, can be renewed but must show need. Up to four year from start
2. Existing business, can get in on this after the first year same deal.
3. Company, factories and the like can get in after two years.
All money must go into the business. Also must hire one Veteran and one unemployed person of your choice that make a great fit.

We need to go and talk to the companies and factories that have lift. Find out why and work on a case by case bases to bring them back or help them to extend part of their production back. And look for way to attract new one and help grow our will seasoned ones.

Carefully look over all law, regulation, and guideline that affect business. Remove what does not work, fix and improve upon what does.

I have seen to many business go under, no fault of their own, and this has to stop. If no one making money who going to buy the goods and services.

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     The Deluxe Tax Plan