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Born in Kansas City Missouri, on 13 July 1968 at St. Luke's hospital, I'm proud to be the oldest Son of two great sister, and amazing brothers. I have been blessed with a wonderful loving family. I was raised to be gentleman, who is very caring and ready to lean a helping hand. I was brought up to stand up for myself and to stand up taller for others.

My academic achievements have place me in the upper 10% of all my learning, schooling and success. At a young age I learn the value and rewards of a great education. To do my best, hard work has it own rewards and seek out truth and knowledge. The benefits of a great education last a life time, it keep on giving and giving. Makes life that much sweeter.

Where my education has lead me, my first job at age 13 working as a gardener's assistant, how we learn is seen in how we work, and I work hard to achieve my goals. It showed me the value of money and to respect what that money can bring be. From high school I graduating in the top 3% enjoyed sports like wrestling, how team work can pay off, and how one person can become a hero. Collage was calling my name but something was tugging me another way. The US Military.

I was drown into the military, fallowing my dad and grand father's foot steps. Little did I know I was about to serve during the first gulf war aboard the USS Independence, and to be part of a gallant crew the help establish the Southern No Fly Zone in Iraq.

During those adventures year, I would see, enjoy and learn of many counties and cultures. I found my self over my head and loving it. To test me and learn in way I never would have imagine. On not just one but several time to help save lives including my own and my ship. I have lead men into and out of danger. Such as the time I lead my fellow sailors on to the pear to release the mooring lines during a earthquake in Japan. What a day that was and that only half the story. The next trick was how to get back on the ship since the gangplank fell into the drink. They turn to me, it took only secants to see one solution to jump from about a two story gangplank tower. Everything I've learn or trained for, fell into place, I lead by example and show them how to do it. One by one they fallowed and made it safely back on board.

I soon found my self at the end of my service time stepping into the life of a collage student, my love of learning came out and I sought all I could. Sometime latter, finding my self with two bachelors degrees' one in Psychology and the other in History, and looking to finish two more in sociology and mathematics. With a host of many other skills and knowledge to round it out. My Greatest honor is when I was invited to join and enthusiastically accepted to be a member of PHI THETA KAPPA Honor Society.

My adventures in life have taken me across this Great county many time. Have seen and experience the amazing life of the people in my travels, in many ways, shapes and form. From the great and blessed to the down and out, I have learn that every American has a fire within to be the best and to share their greatness. I'm so proud I have been able to share my life with so many others.

I seek to keep our family's happy and healthy, to keep our county safe and strong, and strive to be the best American I can be for this county. May God Bless America in all we do.

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Michael Neal

  • Honor one life time measurement will season
  • Family pick fresh and always ready to spice thing up
  • Gentlemen qualities lightly stirred in
  • Respect for all dashed over the top
  • Dignity layered in
  • Duty bake to perfection
  • Hero a sturdy baking dish
  • Education whisks to firm peaks
  • Life crack and  bought to temp
  • Experiences place in mixer gently worked at speed
  • Hard work in by hand
  • Learns fast for fresh harvest
  • Unique experiences for flavor

Mix will with thinking fast on ones feet
Bake to delight full  golden brown the American way
Stands firm for the Constitution
Cools under the Bill of Rights
Service a nation, and her guest